Our Attractions




Active entertainment for all of your little ones! Your children will explore a 3 story maze of tunnels, tubes, small trampoline, toy rides, twisted slides, and obstacles. It’s a healthy and fun attraction that will keep them entertained for hours. Socks are required for attraction.







Our Laser Tag arena offers over
3000 square feet of heart thumping space.
You can run but you cannot hide! You can compete one on one, or team up for capture the flag style play.Grab up to 15 of your friends and give it a try!







Bazooka Tag Paintball is a multi-player game including paintball style markers, head gear, team vests, and lots of foam balls to shoot at your opponents. Fires soft “low impact” glow-in-dark 2″ foam balls similar to Nerf balls, Perfect for adults and safe for kids.





ClimbFun is Glow in the dark Rockwall area, where everyone can do bouldering or rock climbing for a full hour. That is going to provide a real test of your strength and skill as you attempt to scale the face of this 18-foot climbing wall. Pick your path, find a good foothold, and don’t look down. The higher you go, the tougher it gets.






9D VR Cinema Ride is the newest addition in this facility. Do you love riding a roller coaster? Check this one out! It feels like you are really in a roller coaster! Variety of movies to choose from.